OSD600 Lab 1

When I was first told to explore the world of open source projects I was very hesitant, since it is the unknown for myself. I started getting fears like, what if I don’t find anything I will like or something I can contribute too. These fears felt rational, but also seem to be common for most people who wanna try to work within open source. About an hour of looking for open source projects on

About an hour of looking for open source projects on GitHub I found one that felt like “This title defines my entire life”, It was called “openfarm” and its description is “is a free and open database and web application for farming and gardening knowledge. One might think of it as the Wikipedia for growing plants, though it functions more like a cooking recipes site. The main content are Growing Guides”. It looks like this project started about three years ago, and has had a lot of developing, the website can be found at https://openfarm.cc/. Unfortunately for me, this project is mainly coded in Ruby, a language I don’t have any practice in, but after looking at some of the code they have, I feel like I can pick it up very easily.

If you wanna look into this project, check out its GitHub https://github.com/openfarmcc/OpenFarm. I think this is a very cool project, that can be informative and help people start up a garden or create a farm.


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