SPO600 Lab 1

I’ve looked into few open source projects and how the review someone’s submission for new code to be entered into the project. The two projects I looked into are Open farm and teammates, both projects have entirely different goals and objectives. One is a web platform to act as a Wikipedia to grow crops for gardeners and farmers, while the other is a peer evaluation tool.

Open Farm follows the rule of “Better done, than perfect!” saying they don’t expect the best code out there, but as long as it fulfills the purpose it will be added.  Another thing about this open source is they have their own code of conduct https://openfarm.cc/pages/code_of_conduct?locale=en..

Now with the other project Teammates, its community  seem to prioritize on help students get into the open source world “One of the main objectives of TEAMMATES is to help students get experience in a OSS production environment.” Which is a very useful thing for me at least. They provided an Orientation task list to help people start to become contributors. A) Know the project, Review the code and try to understand what everything is doing. B) Set up locally, Set up the application within your computer. You might have to do a lot of testing. C) Tinker with the code, work with the UI or try to solve issues that have been reported. D) Introduce yourself to the community, by creating new issues that you see in the code. while providing a link to york app and allowing it to be forked. But also introduce yourself, and why you want to be a part of these developers. E)The final step is to Start contributing after you complete your first task, the doors will open to you.

Both of these open source projects take a different approach on how to submit code, but I can see advantages and disadvantages to these approaches. With Open Farm, You really take a hit on performance if you allow code that just works allowed into the main part of the project, sure it can be nice to have the functionality, but you should still encourage to make code more optimized in the end and with TEAMMATES, It’s a safe environment for students to learn how the open source world runs  and provides a lot of guides for how people can start to develop for them. I really like this approach because it builds a stronger foundation for students.

Here are the Github to both projects

OpenFarm – https://github.com/openfarmcc/openfarm/

TEAMMATES – https://github.com/TEAMMATES/teammates




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