SPO Lab 2 Software Packages

This lab kinda started off weird for me, first I had to Log onto matrix then ssh into Betty to start this lab. I was thinking how ironic it was that I had to log onto a server to get into another server. I then tried to do the first part of my lab and install a GNU package and picked Wget, it did not work out well for me. Kept trying to get the package to install but kept saying an invalid message, about thirty minutes later I gave up and tried Xerxes. Xerxes liked me a lot better I was able to install Wget package with ease, just had to learn how to use ./configure –prefix , since it wouldn’t allow me to execute make install in the default directory. So after getting the package installed and testing it out, I had to find another package that did not have the GNU license. There were two things that I had trouble with first was picking something to install and then making sure it was not under a GNU license (Harder than anticipated). I eventually decided on the package curl that uses the MIT license. This package was a lot easier to install cause I reused all the same tricks I learned from installing wget. Overall this lab was pretty cool, Learned how to install packages through a terminal on Linux.


P.S my roommate is a hero!


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