OSD Lab 2, my first Open Source Contribution

In the second lab of my OSD class, I had to find an error in any open source package.json file. I didn’t have to read the code myself, just copy and paste it in an online validator.  after that, I just forked the project and made my own branch to work on the fix. Once I fixed it and has it passing the validator I commit and pushed it to my git then made a pull request to the owner of this project.

Overall the task was simple and Didn’t take long to do, but it also allowed me to review the process of submitting code to someone else. The process I found daunting especially when it came to the part to submit the pull request. Would this user accept what I offered, or would they be angry that I wanted to fix something that they wrote. Overall I think this was a good experience. They still have not gotten back to me, but I am glad that I have the potential to improve someone else’s project.


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