Assembly language on X86_64 && ARM

SPO666 Week 2 lab

Assembly language was a lot harder to understand than I anticipated. To work with assembly, I had to understand how to work with registers, flags, and memory operations of the CPU. The structure of this two assembly languages was very different from one other they follow different processor rules such as having a larger register of floating point or data instruction and even operation syntax.

For the programming task of this lab my group started off very confused, it took us a while to understand the concept of just printing a word out, let alone print it thirty times while working with double digit numbers. After an hour or so we started to understand how this can be achieved.

My First experience with assembly was daunting, not fully understand what was being done or how to even start at it. Luckily the prof provided guides and examples on how to code.  so using his references were very useful

Arm Assembly

x86_64 Assembly


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