OSD600 Assignment 1, Contributing to thimble

This Assignment started off pretty simple, especially since my professor pointed me to the file I needed to work on. The funny thing some external things happened, such as my local host sending me to the actual thimble website when I went to remix a project. This caused some problems because I needed to make a styling change to the button. After about two hours of fidgeting with everything, I was able to start working on the Issue. Looking at the suggested fixes I started to add the recommendation and then adding some other things that I thought could help improve the appearance such as a ghostwhite background instead of the traditional white and then making the border gainsboro. Once I finished my changes and thought it Looked better.

For example





So after I made my pull requested, I waited if it would get approved or if they would like changes. About a day passed and a suggestion was made on how to improve the things I did. When I first got it, I read “Specific Guidelines”, my first thought was “Oh know, he didn’t like anything I did”. After reading what he suggested I completely agreed with why, it needed to be like that, and was also kinda proud he said I could keep the ghostwhite background!. So atm I’ve made most of the changes he has requested, unfortunately at the time of this blog I’ve been stuck on the spacing of the thimble logo. But luckily, I’ve been offered some help!

What I’m at:


What they Want:


I’m still waiting for feedback, but I am hopeful my pull request will be accepted


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