OSD Lab6 (New Editor)

Getting Started:

So the first part of this lab was to pick an editor I have never used before. We were given a list of options or we could have done another one of our choosing. So I deiced to use Atom because it looked like a very good editor that has plenty of plugins and extensions to go by.


Things I liked:

Some of the things I really liked about atom, was being able to show invisible spaces, to tell if there are tabs or spaces in certain areas that could mess styling. Also being able to open a project on the sidebar really helped me with being projects.

Here are some cool features I really liked about atom:


Custom Keybindings:


Mini Map navigation:


Searching Packages:


Project Navigation:


Split Screen :


Git Connection:





Why Atom?

I really enjoyed how customizable Atom was and all the cool things it allowed me to do.

Where to get Atom?

To download atom is simple! to go here! Atom

and for suggested Packages and themes? Here is my list

  • Pigments
  • File Icons – Gives file types appropriate icons, for easier navigation
  • MiniMap – Gives map of the code, to scroll faster
  • autocomplete-atom-api – Gives suggest syntax for types of code
  • git-plus – allows using GitHub without a terminal

Other things that I have done for preference:

  • Theme: One Dark
  • Font: Fira Mono
  • Markdown Preview



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