OSD lab 9 Creating a Web Server! (with Heroku)

This lab is a continue of Lab 8 & 7 that I previously blogged about. This lab was getting are repo to be hosted online and how to use Heroku to complete that process!


First, we had to create a node.js server to locally test are code and make sure it works completely.  We then tested Url’s and see if they Passed the tester we created. My code validated the emails precisely so I did not have to make any changes to that code and I was able to move onto the second part of this lab

Deploying to Heroku

This started off pretty simple, I created my account and downloaded the DLI on to my windows computer. I started facing problems when I wanted to log in though with git bash:


I was able to login with command prompt, and run the command heroku create. But nothing showed up in my repo after I ran that command, I was even able to add the remotes to Heroku, but still had no success.

ATM, I’m still stuck at this part, but I know how to fix this problem, and should be able to complete this lab at the end of the week



This lab overall was a cool addition to our labs since most of us rely on Seneca to host most things for us to complete projects, it was really cool to see how we can host our own projects free of charge (As long as it’s open source).  I’ve really enjoyed this lab series and have learned a lot about development outside of Seneca, for that, I am very grateful. I feel like I’m getting my foot in the other door, before leaving the comforts of Seneca.





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