Having Fun With Vagrant!


The start of Release 3, I was looking for a challenge. After discussing with my Professor, he mentions about the  Issue he created and suggested it to me. After looking into it, and watching countless videos I decided to tackle this problem.


My professor suggested using ansible, saying his Linux guru colleague suggested it.  I first tried to get it to work on my windows machine, but through a lot of problems such as that I needed to install cygwin, and after discussing with my prof he said that he doesn’t want to force developers to install more tools to be able to use thimble. I also tried to get it to work on Linux and had more success until I tried to test the playbook ansible-playbook playbook.yml –check and kept receiving the error


Chef Zero

I was able to download the Chef Zero Provisioner, I was able to get it working, but kept receiving an error on PowerShell when I tried to test the cookbook, it filled me with errors.



Puphpet was nice and easy to setup. All I had to do is fill out the form on Puphpet website, using the thimble scripts of what packages and type of database to install. The first real problem was getting the vagrant file to load the proper scripts, and since I had to change all the file pathing since the scripts had to go into a specific folder. Once I was able to change the scripts and have the vagrant up command to start working I started to get more errors such as


I was able to fix this error, by deleting the VM and then a new error popped up!



Overall I’m glad that I took on this Issue, I’ve learned a lot about vagrant provisioners. I learned about multiple types, and how they differentiate from each other. Even though my pull request did not go through, I am still grateful for this experience. The reason for the pull request not going through is that it was such a big change, and very demanding. Also since such, I had such a limited time frame, that it would be too hard to get this pull request through.


Hopefully one day this issue will get fixed, and maybe I could be the one to fix it!


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