So the shift from Phase II to Phase III not much has changed with my code, except for my friend Ray. Who had done some code review for his phase III and was nice enough to check over my pull request. All the changes he requested were more stylish changes then logic, so thankfully I did not have to change much.


In my report sheet for Phase II, Chris asked me to provide testing on other platforms and give a percentage wise on the improvement my function is. Please note my function is the second one in each test.

Desktop (i5 CPU running Windows):


Laptop (I7 CPU Running Fedora)


Xerxes (X86_64 Server provided by Chris)


I always tried to get my function to work on our betty server that runs AARCH64, but I kept getting this error and after a lot of googling and messing around I was still not able to get it to compile. here is the error, if anyone knows the fix please let me know!


Testing Conclusion

From what I’ve seen with my testing, my optimization provides a 20% – 40% performance boost to the function STRCSPN. Which is really good from the 10% Chris was asking.

Peer Code Review

Atm I wrote this blog there is only 6 pull request up on Chris’s repo and since one was mine, the picking’s were slim. I decided to review one of my friends pull request, Matt who decided to optimize strfry. Looking over most of his code, it made sense. So  I thought I’d ask him instead of why did he remove the strlen function, to get his mindset why that was a good way to optimize the function so I could understand his optimization.

here is his optimization:




I feel confident with my optimization, and think it is a good improvement to the function. I felt kinda bad that I could not review more of my friend’s code, but since he changed only a few things I really did not have much to comment on.



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